Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Promoting the Concept of Having it All

by Dr Margaret Aranda

Medical Disclaimer: Not intended as medical advice. Talk to your doctor before changing any life plans that include diet, exercise, and/or medications.

I start with the premise that you can change your future.

You Can Have it All.

You already know this, because you have done it.  Something prompted you to Click the button and view this page.  Something about your health or age bothers you.  Something is just not right.  You already know what it is.  You know how to apply the concepts of dedication, hard work, perseverance, commitment (and other salient points leading toward success) to a mindset of directed goals.  You have already been goal-directed in your professional and personal lives.

You have, indeed, give up more than others to achieve the success you have earned. You know how to succeed.  You are surrounded by luxuries that may include but are not limited to: good food, incredible wine, satiable desserts, fantastic cars with amazing engines, planes, property, vacations, clothing, shoes, toys, and well, more toys.  If you are American, you already won the Lottery of life by being in the USA.  If you are reading this on your computer and a wi-fi wireless connection, you already have more than 90% of the world has.  So...

What about your health? 
You must have some concern about the upcoming Election, the national medical insurance providers, "ObamaCare", and the future of medical care.  That includes the issues of your medical provider, blood work, x-rays, scans, tests, diet, nutrition, hospitalization, prescription medications, co-payments, and hospitalizations.  We must also consider Nursing Homes, Long-Term Disability, injury, accident, surgery, and rehabilitation.  No one knows the answer to these issues, and do you know what?  I think it is okay.  Do you know why I think it is okay?

Because I think it is okay to depend on yourself for your own health.

Not on your insurance company.

There is a trend to look outside of your medical insurance company to provide Preventive Medicine and private approaches to your health care.  It is the concept of Concierge Medicine.  You pay a fee and get services, labs, and tests outside of your private medical insurance.  Hey, maybe you find out that something is wrong with you...something that your private doctor would not have found until or unless you became sick with a full diagnosis.

For example, let us say that you are 55 years old.  You eat oatmeal, coffee with sugar, and you drink a glass of orange juice for breakfast.  You have a sandwich and a banana for lunch, together with a diet soda.  You skip the gym.  For dinner, you consume fried calamari, then lasagna with 2 glasses of wine; for dessert, you share a piece of chocolate cake with your wife or your date.  After dinner, you sip on another cup of coffee with sugar in it.  Hey, you work hard for a living and you deserve it all.

But wait.  There are carbohydrates and sugar in every meal, and your blood glucose level increases.  To cope with that, your blood insulin level rises.  To cope with that, your body stores fat and uses carbohydrates.  This leaves your body useless to burn fat.  Look at your waistline.  It's big, much too big.  Your  Waist-to-Hip Ratio is off; click there to read my article on the subject.   You may benefit from the The Low-Glycemic Index Diet; click there to read my article on this subject, too.  Your regular doctor tells you to diet and exercise and you say, "Yeah, doc."  You eat another bite of cake. Because you deserve it.

Well, you decide to check out Cenegenics Medical Institute.  You gave them my name, and if you live in California or not, you can book an appointment to come in my office.  You get a panoramic set of blood work done, as well as a slew of tests and studies.  Perhaps these are studies that your regular doctor never would have done on you today.  It's okay, it's a different emphasis here now.

So what did the results show?

You are 40 pounds overweight, and you need to lose 5 inches from your waistline.  You desire increased lean muscle mass, decreased fat, and you want to have more energy particularly in the evenings when you sometimes nod off.  You don't sleep well, as you are up and down at night. You are competing with younger professionals and some improvement in cognitive function, memory, concentration, and focus would be helpful.  You also desire improved erectile function, increased libido, and better sleep at night.

You are pre-diabetic, subclinically hypothyroid, and your hormones are out of order.  There are deficiencies and excesses.  Ten years down the line, you will be diabetic just like your mother, or next year, you will have a heart attack, just like your father.  And your brother.  You can click on my article.

What is a man to do? 
One option is to wait until you are fully diabetic, as the insurance companies are happy to pay for you to get insulin, dialysis, and even a kidney transplantation.  Or, you could

Tackle it like you have tackled those guys in High School.  Gear yourself up!  First, you could undergo a panoramic work-up that focuses on Age Management, Preventive Medicine, and considers your individual health goals.  Your treatment plan needs to be individual, customized, and it must foster compliance.

If it means that you add quality of life to the last decades of your time here on earth, isn't that what it is all about?  Correction of the male menopause, or andropause, can occur.  You can click on my article there, too.  Maybe you will don that uniform, stretch those muscles, hydrate and fuel up, and perhaps boost those deficient hormones!  Wouldn't it be nice to sleep well at night, have energy for the day, and wake up refreshed?

Don't you deserve that, too?  
There is hope that you can change your future once again, like you have done it before.
The average life expectancy for a man in the USA is 75.6 years.
Other countries can Look Here.
Hey, you have how many more years to live? 20? 30? 40?  
Do the math for you now, today.  
How many years do you have left?   

Are you surprised at how many years are still ahead of you? 

Maybe you should consider that you need to find your Right Future today, before you forget how you feel this moment.

I'm not saying that I have the magic cure for you.
But I will say that there are others before you that have had incredible results,
myself included.
I am saying that you deserve the best chance of success at being the best 'you'.
On the inside.

You already know that inaction is a choice.
Maybe you have been inactive for long enough.

Full Disclosure:  I was an Age Management Medicine physician with Cenegenics Medical Institute.    

Medical Disclaimer: Nothing on this website is meant to diagnose, treat, or practice medicine. You must be seen in person by a physician for appropriate and individual medical treatment. If you have an emergency, call 9-1-1 in the USA.

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